Commercial Pressure Washing


Here at NEG Building Services, Inc. we use only the most recent equipment on the market striving to provide THE BEST quality offered in our industry. The below information pertains to one of our current units in operation:

We value the opportunity of being part of a team in our community that offers a resource for improving water quality throughout our neighborhoods and communities. We do this through utilizing systems that contains and recovers water discharges from a business or operation. Our approach is to combine the best of technology with the principals of business sustainability.




The highly versatile T500 Hydro Tek’s Pro Wash is a fully integrated self-contained pressure washing system. The two 270 Gallon water tanks with integrated baffling provide 540 Gallons of water capacity. The dual water tanks provide flexibility for operation at remote sites where water sources may not be readily available; it also lets us work in a variety of areas without having to waste time or manpower hunting down water supplies. When needed our mobile hot/cold high pressure water system, water tank and hose reels are the answer. Hydro Tek’s Pro Wash is the first choice for cleaning professionals handling commercial facilities, industrial plants, hospitals, universities, city maintenance plants, airports, or construction sites. Our Hydro Tek Filtration System runs with a 5 GPM continuous processing – a 7 stage filtration process – and then filters to 5 microns.

Our contractor series HYDRO Twister provides a professional surface cleaning with three options to meet your cleaning needs. The unit is a 3-in-1 rotary surface cleaner and includes a spot / gum remover and a hydro broom creating an all-in-one portable system. The dual trigger gun control allows us to activate either device simply by pulling the appropriate trigger. By combining three processes into one unit, we save time and fatigue when cleaning large expanses of concrete, parking lots or other flat surfaces.


Multipurpose – one unit includes a gum & spot remover, water broom and a rotary cleaner to get the jobs done faster.
High Productivity – cleans up to 15 times faster than an operator with a handheld wand.
END RESULT…a cost savings back to the customer on our pricing.


Up to 4000 PSI
28” Cleaning Path
Up to 10 GPM (5 GPM Standard)
Temperatures up to 250° F