NEG Core Values

Our Purpose

The firm of choice in the markets we serve. Creating value by delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for infrastructure and the environment.

Our Vision

Continuous improvements in the way we operate at NEG. We must see the end result that we desire as a focal point for our current direction and efforts. This will allow us to be the firm of choice in the markets we serve. As this company grows, the opportunity for advancement will exist through hard work and dedication. A personal system of organization and a corporate system are required for our success. As we continue to redefine these systems, we perfect them. Our team is encouraged to take ownership and accountability for the highest levels of customer service with a focus on achieving your goals.

Our Values

Our Values govern the way we operate at NEG. We achieve this by:

• Building confidence with clients by being honest, efficient and cost effective
• Believing in people, teamwork and diversity
• Delivering in a safe and sustainable way through commitment, responsibility and an injury-free work environment
• Acting with integrity and respect through doing what we say and expecting others to meet their commitments
• Aspiring to excellence, passionate about success and leading by example
• Continuously raising the benchmark of quality